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Rank Country Journal name Totals Without journal self-citations
Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
63United StatesAmerican ScholarQ1516745740,74
43United KingdomLife WritingQ169756732,73
38United KingdomAgenda: Empowering Women for Gender EquityQ178727720,72
23United StatesClcweb: Comparative Literature and CultureQ181212356954,69
34United StatesMelus: Multi-ethnic Literature of the UsQ1711697672,67
64United KingdomTls-the Times Literary SupplementQ1514695663,66
37United StatesContemporary LiteratureQ179667651,65
43United KingdomLiterature CompassQ169686653,65
64ChinaFrontiers of Literary Studies in ChinaQ1514694654,65
70United StatesCallalooQ1511625611,61
53CanadaMosaic: a Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of LiteratureQ167606600,60
38United StatesAmerican Journal of PhilologyQ178597590,59
67United StatesSlavic and East European JournalQ1512575570,57
75United KingdomCritical QuarterlyQ157575570,57
64BelgiumImage & NarrativeQ1514595563,56
210ColombiaCuadernos de LiteraturaQ235543540,54
67United KingdomTheatre Research InternationalQ1512545531,53
210United StatesPoetryQ235533530,53
46CanadaEnglish Language and Literature StudiesQ168536530,53
46CanadaCanadian Review of American StudiesQ168545531,53
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