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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
65United KingdomPsychology, Crime & LawQ121246102059218,592
88United KingdomInternational and Comparative Law QuarterlyQ11730588175871,587
79United KingdomCriminology and Criminal JusticeQ119286011958021,580
87United StatesChicago Journal of International LawQ11731577175761,576
92United KingdomPunishment & SocietyQ117235711755714,557
85United KingdomJournal of Competition Law and EconomicsQ118255731755320,553
81United StatesMaryland Law ReviewQ119255501853911,539
90United StatesUniversity of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional LawQ11726544175368,536
100United StatesNew York University Journal of International Law & PolicyQ11625532165293,529
83United StatesOhio State Law JournalQ11827532175275,527
237United KingdomContemporary Justice ReviewQ21014519105154,515
86United StatesWashington & Lee Law ReviewQ11824508185017,501
91United StatesUniversity of Colorado Law ReviewQ11725503175012,501
84United StatesThe Prison JournalQ118265111749813,498
99United StatesJournal of Contemporary Criminal JusticeQ11626492164893,489
98United StatesLaw & Social InquiryQ116274881547612,476
116United StatesInternational Review of Law and EconomicsQ11526484154759,475
92United StatesFordham Urban Law JournalQ11723477174707,470
117United StatesJournal on Telecommunications & High Technology LawQ11524470154673,467
129United StatesOregon Law ReviewQ11519465154623,462
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