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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
79United KingdomCriminology and Criminal JusticeQ119286011958021,580
89United KingdomJournal of Law and SocietyQ11729600176000,600
88United KingdomInternational and Comparative Law QuarterlyQ11730588175871,587
87United StatesChicago Journal of International LawQ11731577175761,576
85United KingdomJournal of Competition Law and EconomicsQ118255731755320,553
92United KingdomPunishment & SocietyQ117235711755714,557
81United StatesMaryland Law ReviewQ119255501853911,539
90United StatesUniversity of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional LawQ11726544175368,536
83United StatesOhio State Law JournalQ11827532175275,527
100United StatesNew York University Journal of International Law & PolicyQ11625532165293,529
237United KingdomContemporary Justice ReviewQ21014519105154,515
84United StatesThe Prison JournalQ118265111749813,498
86United StatesWashington & Lee Law ReviewQ11824508185017,501
91United StatesUniversity of Colorado Law ReviewQ11725503175012,501
99United StatesJournal of Contemporary Criminal JusticeQ11626492164893,489
98United StatesLaw & Social InquiryQ116274881547612,476
116United StatesInternational Review of Law and EconomicsQ11526484154759,475
92United StatesFordham Urban Law JournalQ11723477174707,470
117United StatesJournal on Telecommunications & High Technology LawQ11524470154673,467
113United StatesEnvironmental LawQ116204651545411,454
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