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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
26United StatesCriminology & Public PolicyQ12737129027127614,1276
27United StatesIowa Law ReviewQ1273612772712761,1276
21United StatesNew York University Law ReviewQ12849158527157213,1572
24United StatesVanderbilt Law ReviewQ1274112192712145,1214
22United StatesJournal of Research in Crime and DelinquencyQ12848146327143231,1432
28United StatesBoston University Law ReviewQ1273210232710185,1018
31United StatesWilliam and Mary Law ReviewQ1263810132610121,1012
29United StatesJournal of Law & EconomicsQ12647149326148310,1483
25United StatesNotre Dame Law ReviewQ12738122626119531,1195
30United StatesUniversity of Chicago Law ReviewQ12642124626122620,1226
32United StatesNorth Carolina Law ReviewQ12635106826104622,1046
37United StatesNorthwestern University Law ReviewQ1253510792510781,1078
33United StatesThe Journal of Law, Medicine & EthicsQ126339732594825,948
37United StatesFlorida Law ReviewQ12535954259495,949
41United KingdomEuropean Journal of International LawQ12533889258881,888
36United KingdomJournal of Law, Economics, and OrganizationQ12541133725131918,1319
13GermanyInternational Journal of Legal MedicineQ131421513251235278,1235
33United StatesIndiana Law JournalQ1263310182510135,1013
42United StatesCrime & DelinquencyQ125328902486327,863
37United StatesJournal of Quantitative CriminologyQ12535113324107954,1079
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