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Rank Country Journal name Totals Without journal self-citations
Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
79AustraliaArchitectural Theory ReviewQ158495409,40
93ChileBoletín del Museo Chileno de Arte PrecolombinoQ256315310,31
93United StatesQuarterly Review of Film and VideoQ256355350,35
74United KingdomStudies in Documentary FilmQ1511545513,51
93United KingdomArt HistoryQ256395381,38
83NetherlandsNecsus. European Journal of Media StudiesQ257435421,42
54United KingdomAnimationQ1787856216,62
83ItalyIl Capitale Culturale. Studies on the Value of Cultural HeritageQ257365324,32
57United KingdomJournal of ScreenwritingQ16128355825,58
83United StatesJournal of Architectural EducationQ257405400,40
93United KingdomMuseum InternationalQ256365360,36
93United StatesSmithsonianQ256375370,37
93United StatesAsian MusicQ256325320,32
78NorwayVoices: a World Forum for Music TherapyQ159505464,46
76GermanyJournal of Landscape ArchitectureQ1510445404,40
83United KingdomJournal of Graphic Novels and ComicsQ2574543510,35
134United KingdomArchitectural ReviewQ244204200,20
76United KingdomDance ResearchQ1510464415,41
83United StatesFilm History: an International JournalQ257494454,45
123United StatesAfrican ArtsQ245214174,17
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