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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
59United StatesOctoberQ169576570,57
59United KingdomThird TextQ169526520,52
63United StatesModernism/modernityQ168836821,82
63United KingdomNew Review of Film and Television StudiesQ168586562,56
63TurkeyMetu Journal of the Faculty of ArchitectureQ168556532,53
63United KingdomContemporary Theatre ReviewQ168516492,49
63United StatesTheatre JournalQ168476470,47
68United KingdomDesign and CultureQ16719061855,185
68United KingdomAdaptationQ1675964910,49
68United KingdomThe Journal of ArchitectureQ167545522,52
68United KingdomPopular Music HistoryQ167546540,54
68United KingdomContemporary Music ReviewQ167536530,53
68SpainRevista de Medicina y CineQ167505446,44
74United KingdomStudies in Documentary FilmQ1511545513,51
74United KingdomScience Fiction Film and TelevisionQ1511484426,42
76United KingdomDance ResearchQ1510464415,41
76GermanyJournal of Landscape ArchitectureQ1510445404,40
78NorwayVoices: a World Forum for Music TherapyQ159505464,46
79AustraliaArchitectural Theory ReviewQ158495409,40
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