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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
50South AfricaMissionalia: Southern African Journal of Mission StudiesQ1612746731,73
38United KingdomModern TheologyQ1710717710,71
35United KingdomReligious StudiesQ1898377013,70
47United StatesThe Muslim WorldQ177697690,69
39United KingdomOxford Journal of Law and ReligionQ179677670,67
39NetherlandsInternational Journal for Philosophy of ReligionQ179717656,65
51United KingdomTeaching Theology & ReligionQ169726648,64
44NetherlandsNumen (english)Q178647640,64
39United StatesCatholic Biblical QuarterlyQ179627620,62
39BrazilReligião & SociedadeQ179706619,61
47United KingdomJournal for the Study of Religion, Nature and CultureQ177646595,59
73United KingdomJournal of Islamic StudiesQ2510595590,59
52FranceArchives de Sciences Sociales Des ReligionsQ168536530,53
44United StatesJournal of Religion, Spirituality & AgingQ178576534,53
52United KingdomJournal for the Study of the New TestamentQ168526520,52
74NetherlandsJournal of Religion in EuropeQ259545513,51
52United StatesHistory of ReligionsQ168516501,50
72South AfricaScriptura: International Journal of Bible, Religion and Theology in Southern AfricaQ2511515492,49
52United KingdomThe Expository TimesQ168506491,49
52United KingdomStudies in Religion/sciences ReligieusesQ168555496,49
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