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Rank Country Journal name Totals Without journal self-citations
Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
130United KingdomThe Quarterly Journal of Experimental PsychologyQ1354217663517633,1763
346United StatesThe Psychological RecordQ221328552176689,766
701United StatesThe Psychoanalytic ReviewQ3913120710317,103
701United StatesThe Psychoanalytic QuarterlyQ3913136812610,126
31United KingdomThe Leadership QuarterlyQ153754777514495282,4495
87United StatesThe Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social SciencesQ139582932382786146,2786
373United StatesThe Journal of Social PsychologyQ22029762207575,757
331IndiaThe Journal of PsychologyQ22231890228837,883
142United KingdomThe Journal of Positive PsychologyQ13359197932188198,1881
741United StatesThe Journal of ParapsychologyQ489977925,92
798United KingdomThe Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and PracticeQ4685143615,36
515United KingdomThe Journal of Mathematical BehaviorQ315223901435931,359
543United StatesThe Journal of Genetic PsychologyQ31419307143052,305
564United StatesThe Journal of General PsychologyQ313202991228316,283
475United KingdomThe Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & PsychologyQ317193921537121,371
455United StatesThe Journal of Experimental EducationQ21724533175258,525
311United StatesThe Journal of Early AdolescenceQ2233010102398030,980
482United StatesThe Journal of Creative BehaviorQ316244441642420,424
426United StatesThe Journal of Behavioral Health Services & ResearchQ218245131749320,493
398United StatesThe Journal of Applied Behavioral ScienceQ219287081966840,668
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