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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
38United KingdomStudies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern PhysicsQ11729477164743,474
43United KingdomStudies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical SciencesQ11628462164593,459
36NetherlandsJournal of Medicine and PhilosophyQ118224541641242,412
46United StatesPhilosopher's ImprintQ11623542165411,541
44United StatesPhilosophical ReviewQ11624680166746,674
50NetherlandsMedicine, Health Care and PhilosophyQ116203521532329,323
48NetherlandsStudia LogicaQ116224261541610,416
55NetherlandsJournal of Logic, Language and InformationQ11518390153882,388
49United KingdomAustralasian Journal of PhilosophyQ116213871537512,375
42United KingdomJournal of Consciousness StudiesQ117215471551037,510
52United KingdomAnalysisQ115233581434810,348
65United KingdomEconomics and PhilosophyQ11418297142898,289
51United KingdomStudies in History and Philosophy of Science Part aQ116195071446938,469
60NetherlandsMinds and MachinesQ11424343143367,336
54United KingdomJournal of Philosophy of EducationQ115193271431512,315
46NetherlandsFoundations of ScienceQ116233891433356,333
58United KingdomJournal of Moral EducationQ11428410144028,402
66United KingdomDeveloping World BioethicsQ11417263142594,259
62United KingdomThe Review of Symbolic LogicQ114223731434429,344
60United KingdomThe Philosophical QuarterlyQ11424384143795,379
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