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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
13ChileRevista SignosQ191314781389,138
30United StatesCollege LiteratureQ189808791,79
25United KingdomThe Journal of Commonwealth LiteratureQ181111181065,106
19United StatesChildren's Literature Association QuarterlyQ199918865,86
30United StatesCriticismQ18911681160,116
14United StatesStyleQ1912132811517,115
25Malaysia3l; Language, Linguistics and Literature, the Southeast Asian Journal of English Language StudiesQ1811938867,86
38United StatesAmerican Journal of PhilologyQ178597590,59
35GermanyLaw & LiteratureQ1710777770,77
25United StatesInterdisciplinary Studies in Literature and EnvironmentQ1811123710320,103
37United StatesContemporary LiteratureQ179667651,65
32United StatesTdr: the Drama ReviewQ171713071219,121
34United StatesMelus: Multi-ethnic Literature of the UsQ1711697672,67
38United KingdomAgenda: Empowering Women for Gender EquityQ178727720,72
14United StatesEarly American LiteratureQ1912125710817,108
53AustraliaJournal of the Association for the Study of Australian LiteratureQ167526457,45
53United KingdomAdaptationQ1675964910,49
61United KingdomThe Review of English StudiesQ166406400,40
43United StatesCritique: Studies in Contemporary FictionQ169546513,51
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