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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
44United StatesUniversity of Illinois Law ReviewQ12432916249106,910
47United StatesHarvard Journal of Law & Public PolicyQ12329956239515,951
43United StatesFordham Law ReviewQ124369612394021,940
35United StatesAmerican Journal of International LawQ12546140523136243,1362
47United StatesJournal of Criminal Law & CriminologyQ123291003239985,998
46United StatesGeorge Washington Law ReviewQ12330787237789,778
45United StatesJournal of Empirical Legal StudiesQ123329562394016,940
50United KingdomBehavioral Sciences & the LawQ1223510282210262,1026
53United StatesHastings Law JournalQ12230818228171,817
54United StatesCardozo Law ReviewQ122297642275212,752
49United StatesBoston College Law ReviewQ122379262290818,908
37AustraliaRegulation & GovernanceQ1253510742297797,977
52United StatesVirginia Journal of International LawQ12232845218405,840
59United StatesEmory Law JournalQ12133806218006,800
60United KingdomEuropean Journal of CriminologyQ121318582183127,831
54United KingdomInternational Journal of Law and PsychiatryQ122296732163439,634
56United StatesSouthern California Law ReviewQ122277092169316,693
62United StatesPsychology, Public Policy, and LawQ12129118621116917,1169
51United KingdomTheoretical CriminologyQ122349002183961,839
57United StatesLaw & Society ReviewQ1214010112198922,989
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