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Humanities: Multidisciplinary
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Rank Country Journal name Totals Without journal self-citations
Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
74United StatesGerman Studies ReviewQ345204200,20
74JapanAsian Journal of Social Sciences & HumanitiesQ345204191,19
74NetherlandsNew West Indian Guide/nieuwe West-indische GidsQ345223193,19
69GermanyAltorientalische ForschungenQ246233185,18
81United StatesPostmodern CultureQ344184180,18
81United StatesJournal of Medieval and Early Modern StudiesQ344184180,18
94SwitzerlandEuropean Journal of American StudiesQ334183180,18
101United StatesAmerican Journal of Social Issues and HumanitiesQ333173170,17
81United StatesMagic, Ritual, and WitchcraftQ344174170,17
90United StatesJournal of Arts and HumanitiesQ335163160,16
90SpainEstudios Irlandeses-journal of Irish StudiesQ335153150,15
94United StatesJournal for Early Modern Cultural StudiesQ334163151,15
81United StatesÉire-irelandQ344173152,15
89NetherlandsInternational Journal of the Classical TraditionQ336162142,14
90United KingdomDutch CrossingQ335163142,14
90United StatesStudies in Latin American Popular CultureQ335143131,13
105United StatesByu Studies QuarterlyQ326122120,12
105United StatesArizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural StudiesQ326122111,11
94IndiaAsian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and HumanitiesQ334123111,11
94FranceRevue Française D’études AméricainesQ334113110,11
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