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Rank Country Journal name Totals Without journal self-citations
Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
103United KingdomCultural and Social HistoryQ179927866,86
69United KingdomModern ItalyQ1810887853,85
55United StatesInternational Journal of Historical ArchaeologyQ18129568411,84
60United KingdomContinuity and ChangeQ1811888844,84
81United KingdomSport in HistoryQ1713877834,83
74United KingdomJournal of the History of the NeurosciencesQ189847822,82
136United StatesModernism/modernityQ268836821,82
69CanadaThe Canadian Historical ReviewQ1810818810,81
85United StatesJournal of Family HistoryQ1712817810,81
88United KingdomDefence StudiesQ1711817801,80
121United StatesThe Journal of Japanese StudiesQ2614816801,80
93United StatesJournal of Modern HistoryQ1710807800,80
122CanadaAsian Culture and HistoryQ2611786771,77
103United KingdomWomen's History ReviewQ179797772,77
111United KingdomContemporary British HistoryQ178786762,76
153NetherlandsJournal of the Economic and Social History of the OrientQ267775761,76
88United StatesAmerican Indian Culture and Research JournalQ1711847759,75
103United StatesKritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian HistoryQ179757741,74
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