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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
81United KingdomThe History of the FamilyQ171311169219,92
81FranceEntreprises et HistoireQ171311071046,104
81United KingdomJournal of Southeast Asian StudiesQ171310271020,102
81United KingdomSport in HistoryQ1713877834,83
85United StatesRadical History ReviewQ171212371230,123
85United KingdomInternational Journal of Nautical ArchaeologyQ1712937912,91
85United StatesJournal of Family HistoryQ1712817810,81
88United KingdomTwentieth Century British HistoryQ1711977970,97
88United StatesAmerican Indian Culture and Research JournalQ1711847759,75
88United KingdomDefence StudiesQ1711817801,80
88SpainInvestigaciones de Historia EconómicaQ1711766724,72
88United KingdomThe Historic EnvironmentQ1711706691,69
93United StatesJournal of Modern HistoryQ1710807800,80
93United StatesEthnohistoryQ1710747740,74
93United StatesBulletin of the History of MedicineQ1710747740,74
93SpainIber: Didáctica de las Ciencias Sociales, Geografía E HistoriaQ1710747740,74
93United StatesVictorian StudiesQ1710716683,68
93United KingdomMedical HistoryQ1710717710,71
93United KingdomPaedagogica HistoricaQ1710707637,63
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