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Rank Country Journal name Totals Without journal self-citations
Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
33United KingdomLaw and History ReviewQ11014162101566,156
44United StatesGerman Politics & SocietyQ191315481522,152
32United StatesEnvironmental HistoryQ11112149101481,148
38CanadaPast & PresentQ11012142101420,142
69United StatesHistorical Studies in the Natural SciencesQ181014081400,140
41United StatesHistorical Methods: a Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary HistoryQ191714691388,138
42United StatesThe History TeacherQ191613691342,134
103United KingdomJournal of Policy HistoryQ17913171292,129
85United StatesRadical History ReviewQ171212371230,123
44United KingdomJournal of the History of Medicine and Allied SciencesQ191311991172,117
60United KingdomMiddle Eastern StudiesQ181111781170,117
60United StatesEnterprise and SocietyQ181111581141,114
60United StatesJournal of Palestine StudiesQ181111581141,114
53United KingdomThe Historical JournalQ191011391130,113
39United KingdomHistory and AnthropologyQ11011119910910,109
44United KingdomHistory of PsychiatryQ191311891099,109
55United KingdomBritish Journal of Middle Eastern StudiesQ181211381076,107
51United StatesJournal of World HistoryQ191111081073,107
79United KingdomScandinavian Economic History ReviewQ171510771061,106
49FranceAnnales. Histoire, Sciences SocialesQ191210691051,105
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