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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
19United KingdomJournal of Educational Administration and HistoryQ113202771225423,254
22United KingdomJournal of Global HistoryQ11219270122700,270
16United StatesThe American Historical ReviewQ11417264142622,262
20United StatesBusiness History ReviewQ11317261132601,260
21United KingdomIsisQ11316259132572,257
44United StatesIeee Annals of the History of ComputingQ191323182238,223
25United StatesJournal of Interdisciplinary HistoryQ11117224112231,223
74ItalyHistory of Economic IdeasQ18922482240,224
23United KingdomJournal of Historical GeographyQ11218220112191,219
36United StatesCurrent HistoryQ11013211102110,211
44United StatesHistory of PsychologyQ191320992063,206
28United StatesHistory and TheoryQ11114201111992,199
28United KingdomCivil WarsQ11114199111972,197
27United KingdomJournal of Management HistoryQ111151921017418,174
28NetherlandsJournal of the History of BiologyQ11114186111788,178
43United KingdomHistory and Philosophy of the Life SciencesQ1914176916412,164
33United KingdomJournal of the History of Economic ThoughtQ1101417591732,173
33United KingdomJournal of Modern Italian StudiesQ11014175916114,161
31United StatesHistory of Political EconomyQ11113169111663,166
36United KingdomLabor HistoryQ1101316791625,162
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