Classical Studies
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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
1United KingdomThe Classical Quarterly (new Series)Q179647640,64
2United StatesAmerican Journal of PhilologyQ178597590,59
2United StatesClassical PhilologyQ178637630,63
2United KingdomJournal of Roman StudiesQ178666633,63
6United StatesGreek, Roman, and Byzantine StudiesQ168916910,91
7United KingdomHistory of Political ThoughtQ167436430,43
5United StatesJournal of Roman ArchaeologyQ169555532,53
8United KingdomThe Journal of Hellenic StudiesQ158445440,44
8United KingdomBritanniaQ158415374,37
13United StatesClassical WorldQ155275270,27
14SpainVeleia: Revista de Prehistoria, Historia Antigua, Arqueología y Filología ClásicasQ1410374361,36
15United StatesArion-a Journal of Humanities and the ClassicsQ148344340,34
16BrazilPhaos-revista de Estudos ClássicosQ147264260,26
17GermanyHistoria, GermanyQ246244240,24
17BelgiumKernos. Revue Internationale et Pluridisciplinaire de Religion Grecque AntiqueQ246284235,23
17GermanyEtopoi. Journal for Ancient StudiesQ246294290,29
17CanadaPhoenix-the Journal of the Classical Association of CanadaQ246264260,26
21United StatesJournal of Late AntiquityQ245274261,26
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