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Quartile H5-Index H5-Median H Citations H5-Index H Citations %
40United StatesThe Journal of Aesthetics and Art CriticismQ181311881171,117
38United StatesUpdate: Applications of Research in Music EducationQ191111881135,113
50United StatesLeonardo Music JournalQ1710777761,76
44CanadaPsychomusicology: Music, Mind, and BrainQ181010371012,101
54United KingdomInternational Journal of Education Through ArtQ178717692,69
49United StatesFilm QuarterlyQ1711777770,77
50United StatesDance Research JournalQ171014771461,146
42United KingdomInternational Journal of Community MusicQ1812128711810,118
44United StatesBulletin of the Council for Research in Music EducationQ1810817765,76
48United StatesJournal of the American Musicological SocietyQ171211971172,117
46United StatesMusic Therapy PerspectivesQ189817765,76
50United KingdomEthnomusicology ForumQ1710687635,63
59United StatesJournal of Film and VideoQ169656650,65
63United KingdomNew Review of Film and Television StudiesQ168586562,56
68United KingdomContemporary Music ReviewQ167536530,53
68United KingdomAdaptationQ1675964910,49
68United KingdomDesign and CultureQ16719061855,185
63United StatesTheatre JournalQ168476470,47
59United KingdomSight and SoundQ169646640,64
53United StatesGeneral Music TodayQ179776716,71
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